And all you doubting Thomas' said it couldn't be done. Well, I have now converted a Sorenson encoded QT movie to MPEG, all without even having Windows installed! Huzzah! Three cheers for me! But I hear a question. "How's it done?", you ask. Well, bear with me and I shall explain the nefarious process.

Tools you will need:

  • A version of Wine (no, not the drink). I use Codeweavers (
  • Quicktime for Windows (
  • TMPGenc ( You will also need the QTReader plugin, available from

The method:

  1. Install Wine, and unzip TMPGenc to a folder in your home directory
  2. Unzip the TMPGenc plugin to your TMPGenc folder
  3. Run the Quicktime installer under Wine from a console window. Near the end of the install process, your screen will turn black (at least mine did). Don't worry about this. Just close the console window and everything will be back to normal.
  4. Run TMPGenc under Wine. Select your Quicktime movie, and click Convert!

It's that simple. However, this process is very slow. Now, I don't have a beast machine (P200MMX, 96Mb RAM), but converting a 50Mb QT movie to MPEG takes about 11 hours. The results? Works for me. If anyone has any comments or suggestions, /msg me.