Right, this is going in my daylog because it should never have been a node, but I thought it was a cool idea.

Everything Summer Camp

Just imagine, a summer camp devoted to Everything2 for all the newbies who need teaching about everything or just addicted users who want to hone their noding skills and hang out with other noders. You could stash it somewhere nice with a big pool/lake, maybe a forest or something.

Get a massive room full of computers, all running double screens and an enormous bandwidth internet connection, so you can research and node at the same time. Attach a huge library with books upon books. Bring in some experts about various fields, some experienced “pro” noders who can guide people on how to write better. Fit a cosy bar for après-noding. Maybe an observatory, some mental stimulus rooms to keep people’s brains functioning and a health spa so people can get out all the toxins from eating junk food and sitting in front of a computer all day.

By the end of doing 5-6 weeks on a noding summer camp, you’d be fully trained up and ready to take your noding skills out to the world. You could probably knock out a couple of hundred quality nodes in this time, what with all the facilities available to you.

I’d go…

On another note, my new computer came today, which is groovy. It's going to be nice to have one all of my own that I can use for film editing, noding and the suchlike