I was just reading there is no such thing as emotional healing and thinking about some of the statements made there. People talk about "getting over it" and the suchlike. The thing is, you don't "get over it" and come out exactly the same as you were when you started.

You come out different. I think that's a damn good thing.

Imagine going through life having experiences, but never being changed by them in the slightest. Every single thing you do should be a learning experience. If you are never changed by the world, you can never truly appreciate it. To be someone who really lives life, you have to go out and take risks. Experience the highs, the great times when nothing could be better. Experience the lows, when all you want to do is hide in a dark corner and cry until there's nothing left inside you.

Only through these experiences can we become stronger, better people.

To quote one of my favourite writeups for when I am feeling down (by Aphrodite):

I may bend
I may bow
I may even fall, despairing.

But I will rise, and straighten. I am strong, and I will not be broken.

Get out there and live.