Thought I'd drop you a line again today. There really isn't much to say that you haven't heard before. Just taking a break from the monotony of work to think of you. It always brings a smile to my face.

You don't know how much I rely on you sometimes to get through the day. You're something I look forward to, something I can think about to get my mind off the frustrations of work. Returning to you always brings a spring to my step and makes me a little less patient waiting in traffic.

The good times we share together, even doing stupid things like playing Halo for hours and hours, are things I will always treasure. I feel so lucky I found you that I sometimes wonder if I deserve so much happiness from one person.

Here's to many many more years of sharing our lives - something that I can continuously look forward to. May they be as fortunate as how I feel I've been with you in my life up to this moment.