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do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law

I have been using linux since 94, dropped out of high school in 98, living semi-large in 2002.

re-noticed this web page again when cowofdoom had a party with lots of weirdos from everything2 at our old crib in chelmsford.

I'll probably (hopefully) discard this activity and go back to usefull things like coding in C (I'm not some kind of coding savage that needs a bulky system to code in an object oriented manner), skating, breaking (break dancing), reading, drinking, eating, sleeping (dreaming). update: no dice. i made a couple nodes. time to add another activity to my scheduler. other crap x86 assembly language (x86 asm), some sparc assembly, perl, awk, bourne shell scripting, c++ (i know how to use it, i choose C over it).

My current scheme to make my life more interesting/weird (these two terms are one and the same to me) is absorbing more and more reality tunnels in an attempt to figure out what the hell is really going on.

I'm also trying to decide what my true will is. (My job doing solaris/linux sysadmin crap definitely isn't my true will.) Part of it (at this time) is implementing the metaverse from the book, Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson. I've been using much of my free time studying the occult or what have you lately.

the Illuminatus! trilogy is one of my favorite books. robert anton wilson is one of my favorite authors.

poop is funny

I met Hermetic once. He drove me and some other people (guinea pig/sirius, panamaus, cow of doom) to denny's (funny that i remembered it as ihop. i like ihop a lot better). Yuppies in beamers were heckled. A good time was had by all. He gave me the gift of knowledge of belvedere vodka and the martini of death. He is gone now; it is hard to contemplate.

movies: fight club, the big lebowksi, fear and loathing in las vegas, where the buffalo roam, pi, uhf, office space, tron, a clockwork orange, gleaming the cube, rad, waking life,

randomized order of a subset of music that i like at the moment - modest mouse, mu-ziq, the descendants, ragga twins, the spells, 764-hero, digable planets, orbital, the get up kids, fugazi, land of the loops , chicane, beastie boys, u.n.k.l.e., bad religion, cypress hill, aphex twin, dj hype, ed rush+optical, total science, stakka & skynet, konflict, pedro the lion, radiohead, public enemy, (old) lemonheads, quasi, de la soul, weezer, technical itch, juno reactor, gorilla biscuits, mary timony, slayer, helium, built to spill, biostacis, ram trilogy, clint mansell, face to face, minor threat, future cut, dust brothers, propagandhi, nofx, decoder, invisibl skratch piklz (dj qbert, mix master mike, d-styles, yoga frog, a trak, shortkut), kool keith/doctor octagon, pavement, a tribe called quest

Please take off your mind forg'd manacles, kindly exit from your black iron prison, escape the matrix, disbelieve the great illusion, take your 3rd choice and, above all, think for yourself, schmuck!


One of the reasons I like everything is that it seems to me the way the web used to be, back in the day. Every day I decide to search for something at random..and find lots of really weird/interesting/cool stuff. I seem to be able to lose myself in following links very easily - I like that. It seems it will never become what the web is because of editors and gods and whatnot. Ah, memories...when was just some lame "web directory" (It still seems that way to me), and before banners had been invented..ah yes. While I'm on the topic of pleasant memories...The PC demo scene. Denthor's (from Asphixia) Tutorials in pascal (haha). Programming the PIT. Turbo Assembler. Tran's pmode. Watcom C. Starfields, Plasma, Software 3d Engines...code optimization... of these things are gone now...they live on in the memories of old school sceners.

It seems this way to me: always try to subvert the system, your sabotage counts, unlike your votes.


to save myself some typing:
perdedor, briiiiian, templeton, jethro bodine, donfreenut, panamaus, junkpile, jaubertmoniker, wharfinger, orange julius, cahla, thefez, wickernipple, jessicapierce, chihuahua grub, infinite burn, stand/alone/bitch, ideath, pyrogenic, modernangel, mordel, metacognizant, ccunning, illumina, brassmule, randir, drunkenmonkey, phyllis stein, mkb, gamaliel, dann, accipiter, xdjio, pokey,disgruntledwren,cow of doom,halspal,igloowhite, walter, qxz

love is the law, love under will