I woke up several times last night, and as morning crept in, I dreamt that I was driving a Ford Contour - dark shiny blue and shaped just like a VW New Beetle. I had driven up to Dairy Queen and was getting myself a Blizzard and decided to chat with the ice cream guy. I went back to my car to discover that all four wheel wells (which were somehow fused to the fenders) had been removed from the car, and that the wheels themselves were gone - I was left with a dismembered vehicle.

I walked next door with my ice cream to the auto repair shop, and asked them to take a look at my car. I drove it over on its stubby little axle ends. They told me it would take at least 13 hours to fix it. I sat in the driver's seat and started fiddling with my cell phone, wanting to call work to let them know I would not be in. I couldn't figure out how to make an outgoing call, and so the dream just continued in what felt like an endless upward spiral of escalating stress.