It's explained in greater detail on my homenode, but long story short I'm not around e2 much this summer and so my editorial actions are going to be kinda few and far between. Still, gotta satisfy those compulsive logging urges, so:


  • Night Of The Hunter (thing) by dibley (mercifully); blank writeup removed by nuke request
  • E2 Nuke Request (thing) by dibley (mercifully)
  • Autechre (person) by nhowie (mercifully) because it was totally superceded by Carthag's writeup.
  • Aesop (person) by redgirlie (mercifully) because it was just a quote, practically a one-liner, had been superceded by a later writeup, and was getting downvoted to hell.
  • Bea Arthur (person) by Lord Brawl (mercifully) because it wasn't very good and got totally superceded by a better writeup.


I try to /msg users when I correct something in a writeup, which isn't too often as I prefer to send /msgs detailing the needed changes and hope it's a learning experience for all involved. However, occasionally the part of me that cares deeply about correct HTML or the anal-retentive English teacher who lives in my forebrain takes over, and I think /msgs and logging are both especially appropriate at these times.