The following appeared on my homenode from April 10, 2003 until June 23, 2003. I'm archiving it here mostly for my own reference (and because my scratch pad is getting awfully cluttered with this kind of stuff).

10 April 2003, Eugene, Oregon

Yesterday I saw a number of cars with brand-new American flags flapping proudly from those awful window flagpoles that are so convenient for creative car thieves. It reminded me of how you could tell how well the Lakers were doing by the number of team flags so displayed in the LA area. Sigh. I like to think there's more to war and politics than Go Team USA and "patriots" who are really just fair-weather fans, but stuff like that gives me serious doubts.

In other news, for the past month Jongleur and I have been waffling about maybe moving to Portland, but we've decided to stay in Eugene for at least another year, so he can finish his M.S. and then think twice about getting his Ph.D. from the U. of Oregon or taking some time off or transferring elsewhere or whatever. I think this is the right decision.

The self-indulgently autobiographical homenode "journal" entry before this one was on 17 February 2003.