This is a poem written in the voice of the statue of the god Mercury on Grand Central Station in Manhattan.

I am tha god a speed

look at me, Grand Central!
You all look up, but I'm still here
old mercury with wings on my stinky feet
tha god a speed
boy am I fast

noon comes, and you go to lunch
au bon pain, what a pain!
I don't eat, I'm made a stone
and man I am fast
Tha god a speed!

It's six o clock and ya'll go home
hurry hurry, you'll miss the news
but up here. I'm the news! See?
and I don't goto no home, I just go fast
tha god a speed.

When night comes, I'm still here!
crumbling ol mercury: god a speed
winning a race. posin' for a photo
way up high-

above all you damn people
and your goddamed slow trains.