For some people the runner’s high is addictive. Some people think it is better than sex. It becomes an all consuming feeling of lightness and power. One has the sense that it is no longer necessary to push in order to run. Running becomes like driving a car: you just think of the next place you want to be and steer your legs there.

A running addict, like a drug addict will become irritable and restless if he or she must miss a daily run. A true running addict walks around muttering “endorphins . . endorphins . . ENDORPHINS” in a low growly voice on a no running day. Addiction explains that fact that there are several hundred mile marathons held around the word. People in these races run for as longs as two days. The opposite of the runners high is hitting the wall. But if you can get past the wall the endorphins will come back stronger than ever and you’ll be as high as a kite.