Even if we're going to a black-tie event, the day after a marathon we will be wearing our race medal. And possibly the t-shirt as well.

We won't complain about the weird things you eat during pregnancy cravings if you don't complain about the weird things we eat whilst carb loading.

Be gentle with us during post-long run nookie. Nibbling on a chafed left nipple is somewhat of a mood-killer, and it can take a while for blood to return to other parts of the anatomy.

Understand that we don't go on three-hour long training sessions just to avoid the in-laws; It's an added bonus.

If cleaning out the wardrobe, race t-shirts are off-limits. We don't care if they're two sizes too big, or ten years old with half the stitching missing, they're still comfortable for mooching around the garden in. Especially if they're wicking.

If we're on holiday, please don't hide our running shoes; We'll get cranky if we skip training too long, and we're liable to go off and barefoot it if desperate.

Criticizing the state of our feet is off-limits. We've worked hard for each of these black toenails, and we'll wear them with pride.

Try to compromise with us if we book a location marathon; We'll give you six days of holiday in an exotic locale if you let us flog ourselves to death on the seventh.

We don’t expect you to do all the laundry, but when it’s your turn, please remember that left and right socks do exist; They’re not just a myth made up to scare people.


And most importantly…


We get that you might not completely understand the mild obsession that drives us to do what we do, but as long as you’re at the side of the road cheering us on occasionally, we quite frankly couldn’t be happier.

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