I go to a school for people who screwed up too much in the normal school system. This school is filled with absolute moron potheads, I do not smoke pot, and I cannot stand potheads*. Pot makes you stupid. If you want to get technical no it doesn’t make you stupid per say. However it does alter your brain enough that you, for all intents and purposes, are stupid. You want evidence? Here are some examples, keep in mind I hear this sort of stuff daily.

Girl: (Says some bit of questionable information.)
Teacher: “where did you hear that?”
Girl: “Oh, I read it in one of those information thingy’s.”
Teacher: Books?
Girl: Yea!

Boy: “Hey! We're gonna buy some pot! You guys want in? 5 bucks!” (All screamed down a crowded hall.)

I once saw a guy selling glass pipes in the hall.

Boy: “You’re just saying that cause I’m black” Said to teacher.(Note to the readers, boy in question is not black, simply a tremendously ghetto white boy, rich, also very rich.)
Girl: “Oh shut up, just shut up” (Note to reader, girl is black.)

Girl: I don’t want to read about Malcolm X.
Teacher: well what do you like to read?
Girl: true crime.
Teacher: well the KKK murdered his dad and they burned his house down, that’s pretty true crime.
Girl: that didn’t happen.
Teacher: yes..it did…he was a real person, this is his autobiography

Sitting in class one day I saw a guy stick a pack of animal crackers into the center of his history book. He began violently slamming the covers together. When the teacher asked him what he was doing, he said “I like em crunchy.” The teacher said, “well you're going to break the book, why don’t you use the whole thing?” “Oh.” The guy then began smashing the crackers between the book and the desk. Later on in the period I heard a rhythmic thumping, I turned around and the guy was sitting in his seat smacking the same book against his forehead over and over.

Another time the vending machine wasn’t dispensing some guy’s selection. So he stood there grunting at the machine and pressing the buttons really, really hard. So hard that he was on his tip toes putting all the weight he could behind his finger pushing the buttons. Inspection afterward showed that he had broken the change return button during his “fight” with the vending machine.

The above story excludes the 3 or 4 other people who when walking up to the machine were told “it’s broken today” and continued to put in their money and act confused when nothing happened.

If it’s possible to relate a discussion to pot, they will. If it’s not possible to relate a discussion to pot, they will.

I hate my school

* I realize all the potheads that will read this will get offended, and down vote me. Citing things like, “I smoke pot and I’m not stupid.” Yes, I’m sure you're not one of the stupid ones, your special and unique. You're not exhibiting the same behavior of some overly righteous republican you hate so much. Perhaps one day I will explain in full why I hate potheads.

For now, I’m just angry enough to write out the stupid things they do all day that grate on me. I thrive on interesting conversation, new ideas, and dealing with smart people. That’s why I’m here on E2. My school is the antithesis of this. Being here kills my soul a little bit every day, except days when I have my headphones. And I always have my headphones. The above examples were heard when I had forgotten them, or my batteries had died.