We call the world confusing because it defies aphorisms and we call the world horrible because it breaks up our patterns. We are headstrong. If there are gods, they're laughing at you right now.

The part of the truth that is the hardest to accept is this one: The World Doesn't Give A Damn About YOU. Don't get me wrong, it values you, it takes care of you, it might even want to know what you have to say. But it knows some things you seem to be forgetting when you toss out comments about how terrible the world is because someone didn't like your smile or someone stole your lunch money. I'll list a few of them:
- Not only can you survive naked in a forest, but you can have fun doing it.
- Only stupid people rely on other people to make them happy.
- Stupid people aren't really happy.
- You could die right now. At best, you will live one hundred and twenty something years.
- No matter what your beliefs are about afterlives, it is best to enjoy the years you've got here.
- Considering that you COULD survive naked in a forest, everything you have that isn't a sour berry to eat, a vine to wear or a jagged leaf to wipe your ass with should be considered gravy, and should bloody well make you smile.
- If you can't laugh you are dead already.
- Love is a beautiful, wonderful, fun thing. If it is ever anything but beautiful, wonderful and fun, stop right away. Do it more than once. Keep doing it.
- Remember that all things are gravy, and learn to enjoy that you HAD something, even if you don't have it anymore.
- Learn to be happy because your friends are happy. For crimeny's sake, they're your friends!

The people who irritate me most in life are the ones with bad grammer and the ones who bellyache. In my mind it comes down to one argument: