10 Misconceptions about Internet Graphic Design

  1. You are born a good designer or a bad designer. (This is mostly held by supposed genetically good designers.)
  2. Silly features make good design.
  3. Anyone can be a designer after using the Internet for a couple of years.
  4. A little Macromedia Flash goes a long way.
  5. Rollovers are easy to make work. See 15 year old javascript hack.
  6. While design for print is a highly skilled, competitive and demanding market, design for the Internet is like tying your shoes - anyone can do it. See how not to be a 15 year old javascript hack.
  7. No one knows the difference between real work and themes/clipart.
  8. FrontPage is great!
  9. Intricate color schemes work often enough.
  10. Everyone knows you're supposed to browse at 600 by 800!