What you'll need:
  • (Reduced Fat) Hot Chocolate Powder
  • Semi-skimmed milk (or soya milk if you want)
  • A sweet tooth
Really, I'm not trying to kill you all with this recipe. It is super packed with sugary goodness though, so no matter how tempting it is don't eat all of them.
If you're feeling really concerned then you can use reduced fat hot chocolate powder to save your waste line just a little.

On a possibly British invention:
I have no idea if you can get what you need for this recipe anywhere other than in Britain. I really hope you can as it is vital to this recipe. Yes, it might come as a shock but in a two ingredient recipe it is important to get the correct ingredients.
So what is this Hot Chocolate Powder of which I speak? It isn't cocoa. It isn't Drinking Chocolate Powder (which is just cocoa and sugar mixed). It's something else. Something in large grains, which dissolves far more easily than cocoa. Don't ask my why or how they make it like that, it's just the wonders of modern science. What ever it is, you can tell it by getting a glass of milk and sprinkling some on the milk, if it dissolves straight away with no stirring then you have the right stuff. If it doesn't then head back to the shops and try again.

How to make your pancreas panic:
Slowly add milk to a large amount of the powder.
That's it.
It's that simple.
I usually add a couple of tablespoons at a time until I get something which has a similar consistency to playdough but looks more glossy.
Roll out into little balls about half an inch in diameter and you're done.

They are so nice and chocolately, but in the same way that milk chocolate is chocolately. They keep for ages as well when put in an airtight box, which is a good thing as these things are so dense that you wouldn't want to eat more than 2 or 3.