around 3:00 am EST

It Kara's 16th birthday today. I got her The Doors self-titled cd for a gift. And I plan on baking her a cake after I get some sleep.

But thats not what i'm thinking about. Regrettably I'm too sad right now to be happy for her. You know if I hadn't gotten kicked out of school I could be there, at the apartment sleeping near someone I truly love. Instead I'm stuck here, a mere 20 or 30 miles away, unable to sleep, because without a car I'm incarcerated when the bus isn't running. I spoke to her earlier, the one I love, she seemed distant, and was not as talkative as she used to be. She's probably mad at me like every other female in my life.

One good thing to note, I got some writing done, for the first time in a couple months. I don't think it is that good, and I haven't finished it. I guess I need to wait for my muse to shit on my head again. well, here it is:

Dead hands still grasp the hilt of a broken sword. The sword, though broken, glistens crimson in the fading sun, a faint remembrance of its past beauty. He looks a stout fellow, stern of countenance, and sterner of build. Though clothed in the garb of a common thug he appears noble, a veritable king of the dead. Scattered bones of vanquished enemies surround the body, which remains unblemished after all these long years. He lays here, amongst the remains of his foes for he pushed away his companions and took the road alone.
thats all i've got so far.. please /msg me with any comments/suggestions.