00:57 EDT

Today, is my youngest sister's birthday. WOOHOO! I'm happy cuz i got all my shopping for her done on saturday while at Ocean City.

And thats what i really need to lay down here, an account of my trip to Ocean City. The trip truly began, on [april 13, 2001|friday| when I decided to go down to College Park and party with some friends that I hadn't seen since my birthday. Eventually the partying died down, and there were like four people left. At about 3 or 4 someone brought up the beach. Of the four, only one was sober. and none had any sleep. They pack, and we head off at around 5.

Stuck in the passenger seat, I am appointed the job of navigator, despite being half dead from lack of sleep, and half drunk from beer and vodka. Wilson, The sober one, is driving, after two and a half hours of close calls with friendly deer and birds and police officers we reach the beach.

We spend the day soaking up the rays, and watching the waves. All in all a great day trip, except for one thing, my friend's girlfriend, whom i fell for a year ago and havent been able to let loose from my heart, was always trying things on and asking me how she looked. "How does this bathing suit look?" or "is this too short?" and "do I look sexy in this?" And I'm all like yeah, you look great.. cuz she does, but im all hurt inside..