I know you might roll your eyes at this, but I'm so glad that you exist

I saw The Weakerthans1 last night at Club Soda for the Pop Montreal festival. What an excellent show. They played almost every song I wanted to hear save for Fallow and None of the Above. The highlights for me were Left and Leaving, Letter of Resignation, Psalm for the Elks Lodge Last Call, The Reasons - well, pretty much every song was a highlight. I left that show with a smile the size of the McKay Bridge on my face. The Weakerthans steal my heart. They are to my 20s what the Descendents2 were to my adolescence.

Beauty's just another word I'm never certain how to spell

Other News

I am going to:

  • Start managing my money more efficiently
  • Start writing my thesis3
  • Get off my lazy ass and go back to the gym
  • Start cooking more, as I've been slacking in that department and just eating toast and tea.
  • Stop drinking so much
  • Blaze it

Not necessarily in that order

And listen - about those bitter songs you sing? They're not helping anything. They won't make you strong.

Certain things have been on my mind lately. One of these is reading Wittgenstein in the light of Kant. I was at work on my break having a look at the Tractatus in between reading the Critique of Pure Reason and realized that there are are lot of similarities between the two. Another thing occupying my mind is a conversation with anonymous persona #2 re: reality, the Law/laws, and ontological entanglements. I need to do some re-thinking.

I drown the urge for permanence and certainty

Selkies may be the most beautiful creation under the sun

Bend to tie a shoelace, or bend against your fears, and say that we'll stay for one more year.


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  3. http://www.thesissahib.com