The dilemma – saying ‘I don’t care’ – good or bad?

In my life I say that phrase so many times and I often wonder if I should use it as much as I do. You see, saying ‘I don’t care’ is easier than saying what I actually think – what I am actually thinking.

So is saying ‘I don’t care’ a bad thing, then? I’m not too sure. I think it all depends on the situation really. I mean, what if you are too scared to say what you really think? Sometimes you can’t say anything. Sometimes saying no one knows what you are thinking and certainly no one gets hurt.

So, does that make it good then? I always like to tell the truth but sometimes the truth is just too painful. I think that sometimes sparing feelings is more important to me an to the people I care about. I can actually be quite considerate at times you know :-P

Maybe I don’t care if it is a good or bad thing. Maybe I am just glad I can say it to get me out of trouble. Or to stop people annoying me. The thing is I only say it to people who I don’t care about and generally when I say I don’t care – I do. I suppose if I say I don’t care it hides my emotions and it hides what I am really thinking.

What happens if we all stop caring about everything?
We have to care. If we don’t our world crumbles.