So, I’m probably angrier than I was yesterday. In fact, I would think that you get on the wrong side of me I will most likely hit you or shout at you. So you better be careful! :-P

While I was walking home today something happened and someone who I thought I could count on for a little support let me down. That kinda makes me sad and little mad too. You see, we may not be very close but if he ever need backing up or wanted a bit of support I would help him out. I thought maybe I meant something to him, maybe I was wrong.

Something else that really hurt me was that he is just like all the others, he is exactly the same, I never thought he was like. Never at all. Someone shouted an insult at me and everyone laughed. I’m not sure, did he laugh too? I daren’t even look in his direction because I feared he was laughing too. I think he probably was as well.

Why am I letting this get to me? I mean, if that is the way he is going to treat me why bother? Right, that is it. I’m fed up of you all so, sod it, I’m not going to pussy foot around you, I’m going to tell you exactly what I think. Maybe that’ll do me good, eh? The truth always got me in trouble but you know something? Sod it, I don’t care, maybe I’ll get in trouble for the right reasons this time.