This is my first entry into the Daylog. It's my third day here, and while I am really enjoying E2, I can't help but notice that there is are a lot of folks here that are uptight about nodes and writeups in nodes.

I've not noded very much, because I am afraid of being down-voted. I know I should also probably softlink in this writeup, or take the time to do some snazzy HTML crap (like everyone else does), but... I'm just don't really feel like it.

I've already gotten downvoted once really badly since I've been here for making a joke in the Who should play you in "Everything the movie"? node. I didn't mean to be all GTKY about it, I was just joking because I thought it was a silly node. I said something like I was too busy winning the lottery and conquering Western Europe, and I would just have Jay Mohr phone it in for me. I didn't think it was too bad, but it got the crap down-voted out of it. I think it was mainly because I was new, and people were all like "Let's teach this newbie a lesson!" or something. I'm not really sure... but I'm pretty apathetic about it. I just had it deleted. No big deal. It's not like I'm going to stop coming to E2 because of it. Most people are mean - that's just the nature of the world. I'm not going to let it spoil my fun of reading people's great nodes and writeups here. I'll post every once in a while, but... like I said -- I'm pretty paranoid about getting a bad rep... so save of this rant, I'll do my best to save the writeups for stuff I really think should be in here.

I am tired. Since I quit my last job as a network engineer, I now work in an automobile factory (I live in Detroit). It's a switch for me, but it's not like people are beating down my door to hire me, so... I guess I'm just supposed to do this for a while. The worst part about the whole thing is that my girlfriend also works at a crappy auto factory, and she works the other shift... so we don't get to spend a lot of time together anymore. That's the worst. I feel like I have a roomate that I occaisonally get to "trade booty" with. That's too bad. I want so much to be able to share my life and my experiences and all of my free time with her, but instead lately I just... node. It's depressing. I'm an alcohollic, so I don't drink. I just sit here, with my legs sore from standing all day, and the tele always playing something silently in the background (Right now, it's Linklater's Slacker, which I've always loved). Things aren't the best, but I know they'll get better, because everything happens for a reason.

I've got my Diet Coke, so I am sure that I will survive. Even if I am hungry. E2 has really done a lot for me in the past few days. It's made me start thinking about writing again. I took a really extended vacation from writing anything, and this site has (almost) awakened something in me. I only hope that I can be a useful and worthwhile contributor to this impressive (if not sometimes initmidating) archive as time passes. I am sure that I will. Thanks to everyone that's helped me since I've gotten on here. Be good.

Also, as a side effect, the more my girlfriend and I are actually home together and she sees me on E2, the more she seems to be showing interest. She's brilliant and a far superior writer than I. I hope she takes some time and falls in love with this place, too.