With over 151 million visits to date, Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh is arguably one of the funniest blogs on the internet. And now there's a book!

What sets her observations about life apart? The artwork, of course. At first glance the brightly colored pictures appear to be rather crudely drawn by a child using a basic Paintbrush program, yet her bizarre characters--especially the ones representing herself and her dogs--still manage to convey so many emotions with just their bulging donut eyes, a simple line of a mouth and stick-like arms.

Most of the book chronicles hilarious incidents in her life, told and illustrated with exaggerated flair. The two chapters devoted to her recent bout with depression are a little more downbeat, yet still imbued with a degree of humor. That being said, these chapters may cause some of you to reflect on the more bizarre behavior in her other stories and the likelihood of mental instability in the creative mind. But not for long, because you'll be too busy laughing.

The book includes many new stories, but also contains some of the most popular ones from her blog. (For those unfamiliar with the site, some of the "Best Of" are linked on the right-hand side of her blog. However, one of my personal favorites, Wolves, is not listed, so here it is.)