A ten-part television drama series shown on BBC2 in the UK, and HBO in the US. It is based on the writings of Stephen Ambrose. Executive Producers include Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. The show stars Damian Lewis as Lt. Dick Winters, and a large cast of English and American actors (some of whom are softlinked below). To enhance the realism of the events portrayed, the show makes extensive use of modern special effects (initially a little inconsistent, but increasingly impressive as the series progresses). Large portions of the show are subjected to somewhat severe colour filters, bleaching out skin tones and tinting dark colours with muted brown and green.

The series tracks the exploits of "Easy Company", part of (thanks for the heads-up, Albert Herring) a U.S. paratrooper regiment, who land in Normandy quite near the end of the war. They fight the Germans. They get into arguments. They overcome their differences and single-handedly win the land war in France (just about). It's quite like Saving Private Ryan in fact except without the massive amounts of gore and Tom "fatboy" Hanks. (He directs one episode.)

As the series goes on the pyrotechnics die down (the middle few episodes are quite simply eye-popping in the technical execution of the battle scenes), and the horrors of war become more prevalent.

Obviously, such a high profile show is setting itself up for critical scrutiny. It is however very good and avoids being heavy-handed or schmaltzy. It's well worth seeking out the DVD box set (interestingly titled a 'Commemorative Edition').

BBC Website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/drama/bandofbrothers/
HBO Website: http://www.hbo.com/band/landing/currahee.html