An excellent and technically impressive scrolling slash-'em-up on the Sega Master System. Long-time Sega mascot Alex Kidd stars in what is effectively a parody of Shinobi. (In a similar vein to the Konami parodies of Castlevania and Gradius : Kid Dracula and Parodius). Alex's girlfriend has been kidnapped by the Dark Ninja and Alex, with ninja skills granted by the Light Ninja (a kind of chopsocky fairy godmother), has to get the girl and kill the baddies.

All the levels of the original are recreated in a slightly more platformy style, with the exception of the "Mandala" level. The bosses are a fireball breathing fat samurai, a fleet of Opa-Opa style helicopters, a giant Lobster ("Robster"), and the Dark Ninja (who is cool). At the end of the game, Alex gets the girl and the game fades into a sunset.

Alex Kidd is never seen again.