Have you ever just had one of those nights. When you wished that you hadn't went to the bar but you did anyway. Well that was my story.

I got to dicky's for a friends birthday, not even one dollar cause I'm poorer than a corpse. I was in a horrible mood, but I think that my aura must have been glowing bright. The girl that I liked was there and she actually talked to me again. I walked up to her and she gave me an inviting hug. My friend bought me a beer so that I didn't look that pathetic, I thanked him he said "No problem."
So I continued to talk to her in my non confident feeling, and things seemed to go pretty well. All the sudden a girl that I fingered a couple of months ago comes walking in the door to greet me with a huge hug. I felt a little awkward, cause there I was standing in the middle of two girls that I had sexual relations with and janet, the girl that I fingered a couple of months ago wants to take me home and is pretty persistant.

I, in no way think highly of myself and sometimes I wonder
why? Why is anything at all happening to me. Alot of the time I just sit at the bar and watch the dumb girls dancing with those drunk eyes, those stupid guys trying to say something cool to get a girl.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think that I make friends because, maybe I have something that people like or maybe people are just attracted to my dumbness.

Either way I hate myself