As a huge Dutchphile, I bought this book in a frenzy of gathering information about the cultural nuances of the Netherlands, but I have to say, I was disappointed.

It seemed that it was the intention of the book to playfully put down various aspects of Dutch culture.. this I don't consider a problem, but I think they go beyond this to the point of making fun of things that are actually beneficial or intelligent cultural differences rather than just the silly or cute idiocyncracies. To agree with sloebertje, they sometimes seem to miss the point.

They also include many things which can be easily found in many other countries (for example, the way folks act on the bus.. sitting on the outside seat or otherwise as to be as antisocial as possible; making it difficult for others to get off the bus.. that's the norm here in San Francisco, too.)

Overall, I'm inclined to think a Dutch person, or a person who's lived in Holland for some time, would find this book far more entertaining than would a foreigner.