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I know this guy who punched his laptop display, because the internet wasn't working. I was hooked up to the same server, and instead of punching my laptop display, I called user support. I busted my phone, when no one answered.

I know a guy from Taiwan who's living with a guy from China. Someone thought that since they both speak the same language, that they'd become good friends. They hate one another. The guy from China also has bad acne.

I know these two mexicans. I went to a party with them. When I was leaving I couldn't find them, until a person pointed me to a bedroom. Thinking they were smoking up I entered. I stood there...and asked Carlos if he was ready to leave, he said, "No, we are in a three." I left with some one else.

I know how to skydive.

I know how to use the pick up line, "I once had a frontal lobotomy," successfully.

I know a guy who wants to sell me coke.

I know two people with dreadlocks majoring in physics.

I know a guy who once chugged a pitcher of beer, and then threw up in a urinal.

I know a guy named Tim, who's father's sick, and wants to be known as Crazy.

I know a person named Lenard, he once took a guy's head and smashed it off his own. The guy was in the hospital for four days. Lenard said he was sorry. I said, "Right on," but thought, "Jesus Christ."

I know a guy who looks like John Lennon, he loves Asian women. They will be his downfall.

I know a guy who has a hundred thousand volt taser. We shock one another for a good time. I have trouble feeling the big toe on my left foot.

I know I like learning.