Also song by The Molly Bloom from the CD "TEMPORAREALITY". Lyrics by C. Casey. Note: I am personally acquainted with the author of this song, and I have obtained his permission to post the lyrics here. (Time permitting, I will add analysis as well at a later date.)

I'm lying in my sweaty bed
short of breath smoking countless cigarettes
I can see your lean haunches in my head
sweet Australian dream midst all my other pets
I'm reaching out to caress your powerful tail
you're stretched out on my couch
languid lover your eyes glazed over and pale
I want to know the secret that you keep in that pouch
I want to see you hopping along by my side instead of locked up in some damn zoo
want to ride along in your pocket and scream to the world I love you kangaroo
I'll be your human fool
I met you at the zoo
I'll clean up after you
I'll tell you every night exactly what to do
I know you'll love me too won't you kangaroo?
I've been thinking it over and I know what I must do
got some darts filled with heroin and a Red Rider BB gun
sorry it has to be this way
it hurts me more than it hurts you
but you can see me on this grassy knoll and I know you'll try to run
I can tell you apart from your friends by the white spot on your back
it's true that once you do a kangaroo you never want to go back
when you wake in the morning we'll have brunch together and your eyes will glimmer in the sun
go and buy you some tennis shoes and have a lot of fun
I love you kangaroo
think you'd look good in shoes
I'll take you from the zoo
put you in a suit and a matching hat
empty my pockets for you
I love you kangaroo
oh my kangaroo