After spending my fair share of time on the phone with tech support, I've learned how to listen to tech support:

Me: "Hi, my name is Ryan. I'm installing foo for one of our clients on their decently detailed description of client's computer, and I'm having a problem getting bar to work."

Them: "Okay," sounds of typing as tech guy/gal pulls up info on software / os / hardware configuration, "have you tried baz" (where baz is actually something I maybe haven't tried yet)

Me: "Lemme give that a shot" sounds of me trying said solution..."Hmm, isn't working"

Them: "Hmm"

This is the point where the tech support call becomes a waste of time, along the lines of "did you try restarting?" or "try reinstalling it." You can almost certainly ignore the rest of the conversation.

just a different experience