a website: linkfilter.net

Rumor has it that before everyone and their mother had a blog, there was robot wisdom, the granddaddy of the medium. And then there was a little thing out of Fresno, California called jplt.com-the granddaddy of Linkfilter, if you will. When jplt.com got too big for Fresno, Linkfilter was born.

Linkfilter is exactly what the name implies, a link filter. A community weblog that allows each user to participate as much or as little as they like, the filter is run entirely by its users, which is what makes it so different from all the other blogs out there...and why, when choosing the blog that will get your time and effort, you might want to think seriously about hanging around here.

Each user has the ability to post links, vote on others' links, comment on links, chat, keep a journal, post a poll, and a bunch of other neat things. Everything you do earns you points... the more points you get, the more special features you can unlock.

Linkfilter is a game as much as it is a blog--there are lists of top users, top journalers, highest rated users, etc. and it is easy to get onto these lists with perseverance. It is also something of a time suck. But it's mad fun.