The first time you have sex isn't going to be how you think it is. This goes for both boys and girls.. but i think it is more well documented in the case of girls, as the first time can be quite painful. But although males are spared that fate, it doesn't mean they'll be any good in bed at first. No matter how much someone has talked about sex, watched porn on TV, joked about it with friends, and masturbating, its going to be different in real life. A lot different. So it does take a bit of 'figuring out'. A male's instincts guide him to how to get his load off, which is all guys need to reproduce. They don't tell them how to be pleasurable.

Usually, on the first time, guys do one of two things. Either they immediately orgasm in a minute or two, or they are too scared and can barely get themselves to come to orgasm at all. Some girls expect guys to 'just know' how to be good.. but it doesnt work that way.

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