I'm sure a lot of you have a ton of hilarious/outrageous/funky Japanese gameshows that you've heard about or watched first hand. After all, the Japanese are truly mad.

Guess I'll start it off about one of two families. Candidates are those with at least one young (pre-teen or younger) child. The prize vary from money to appliances to whatever. Pretty standard in that regard. To win, the youngest child of each family is put on stage and simultaneously each is told that their mother and father have died. The family whose child cries first wins. Pretty damn immoral and outrageous to our (at least, my) western cultured minds.

The only other one I've managed to remember was posted on slashdot so most of you must have heard it. I'll reiterate it here for just in case.

They grabbed a guy from a comedian audition and stuck him in an apartment, empty but for a stack of postcards, a stack of magazines, a cushion, a table, a radio and writing implements. The idea was for him to live off prizes won from contests in the magazines he won from filling out postcards and mailing them in.

Yes, he managed to do this. He won food, appliances, a TV, a playstation and games, and other such things. However, he didn't win things like underwear (actually, he did but not men's underwear ;)), clothes, pots and pans, or bedding.

His name was Nasubi. His diary is apparently a national best seller. More info is available here: http://www3.tky.3web.ne.jp/~edjacob/nasubi.html.

Oh and of course, there's Iron Chef.