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No, YOUR shirt is inside-out.
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Snapple is good
Fruitopia is better
Except it's made 
by cocacola

Wrecks are beautiful
Buffets make stomachs full
Trust me I'm not dull

The geek side.

The bookworm.

All the rest

  • acupuncture shoes.
  • White cotton shirts on hot days.
  • Born in the hot and humid chaos we call the Philippines.
  • Likes to wake up at 3pm.
  • Likes to sleep at 6am.
  • Obviously thinks he's still on that side of the world.
  • Planning a trip to Europe.
  • For over a year now.
  • Loose pants.
  • Except jeans. Jeans should not be too loose. They aren't comfy if they're loose.
  • Drives standard, fast.

Physically located in Toronto, ON.

email: perl -e 'print join("\@", reverse qw(geek orange)),".com\n"'

aim: fiftypin

icq: 669170