A kind of dress shoe for men. Usually in black, though maybe in brown, wingtips are characterized by their decoration. Wingtips have somewhat pointed toes and have 6 to 12 eyelets laced by thin round shoe laces. Usually made of shiny leather, although suede examples also exist.

The "wingtip" decoration is found on a extra piece of leather on the toes and at the edges of the individual pieces of leather that make up the shoe. The decoration consists of holes of various sizes that make up a pattern.

A good example is the Florsheim Lexington Wing Tip.

I once read about a man's first day working at IBM in the early 60's. He was fresh out of college. Like everyone else at IBM, he came to work in a suit. His boss looked him over, pointed to his shoes and asked him what the hell those were. He pointed out that they were loafers. His boss told him to go home, and come back the next day wearing wingtips.

In my opinion, wingtips are the dressiest of the male dress shoes.