How is it like to wear a pair of leather dress shoes?

  1. You'll have to break them in. So far, I've scaped the inward sides of my feet because I walked a lot.
  2. I've went through a handful of scuffing of my shoes on the first day in Monday. I have to polish it back into shape with some polish, a chamois, and a brush to buff the shoes. Now if only I can clean the tools...
  3. My dress shoes are not my "special" shoes I want to put away except for something like a first date. I'll wear 'em every day. I know I'll wear them out quick, but I'll wear them because they are way better-looking on me than a pair of sneakers.
  4. My last pair of shoes (yes, the pair that went through Kit Lo hangs out with a girl...) "died." One of its soles peeled off halfway through like a banana.
  5. At the end, wearing them is the tiny little thing that makes me feel so... sexy.

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