The most famous professional wrestling persona used by John Tenta. His other, less well-known personas include Golga and Shark.

Earthquake was a bald-but-long-hair-side-and-back, waaaay obese wrestler.

His signature move was the Earthquake, where the semi-conscious opponent is lying in the middle of the ring, while Earthquake hops around him a few times, and then sits on him. That's gotta hurt.

John Tenta got his start in Japan with the AJPW (All Japan Pro Wrestling), trained by Giant Baba. Interestingly, he did some sumo wrestling, and has an undefeated record of 24-0. He was also a 5 (or 6) time Canadian Amateur Champion, and 1983 Junior World Champion in amateur wrestling.

He's currently not wrestling much, due to some back problems. He's opened a wrestling school in Florida. You can reach him at or 407-688-4742.