A virtual collectible trading card game made by Genetic Anomalies.

First came out in 1996, it is an internet-based variant of collectible trading card games, of which Magic: The Gathering was the first.

The game is set in a dark, war-filled future of the year 2096. The United States is now the Former United States, the rest of the world has united under the United Nations, multinational corporations wield tremendous power, amazing technologies are controlled by techno-monasteries, there is a surprisingly organized anarchist-like organizations, and there are aliens trying to make the Earth into just another network node. Oh, and there's a super-secret organization that plans on dropping the Moon on the Earth to prevent it being part of this alien network.

In all, a depressing future.

The cards themselves have very interesting artwork, though the game currently seems a bit stagnant, due to the lack of strategic possibilities available in the current game system. It is clear that Genetic Anomalies learned quite a bit from this game and applied the knowledge to their currently successful virtual collectible trading card game, With Authority!.