A kind of card game where each player typically brings his or her own deck of cards - and unlike Hoyle games, the make up of these decks is variable. Other than that, all collectible card games are so different from each other I cannot generalize further.

You generally purchase larger packages of about sixty cards, or smaller booster packs of about fifteen. You then choose a combination of these cards that work well together. There are variations, such as sealed deck tournaments or booster drafts where everyone spends an equal amount of money, so skill and luck are the only variables. In my opinion these are the most interesting games.

Otherwise, you should probably not spend more money on any given day on cards then you would on a movie or similar entertainment, and you should probably only spend that much when you play a few hours. Otherwise, even building a winning deck can leave you feeling like a sucker for the producers of the cards. By thinking, trading, and observing other peoples decks, it is possible to get the maximum bang for the minimum buck, and even beat the youngsters who don't have to pay rent and have hundreds of dollars worth of cards bought by their parents.

The hobby crosses generational lines, but be prepared to meet many youngsters except in the most elite tournaments in which experts have invested much thought and money.

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