Chinese paintings of landscapes are not just about
vaporous peaks, sensuous streams or tender pines. They
are landscapes for the mind. One enlightened will
sense eternity, truth and immanence.

"Nature" is constant in its lightening and darkening
cycles of change. Yet it belongs to and is home to,
the spirit of clouds, the play of ripples, and the
dance of rain on disappearing peaks. Where and how does human nature live today?

Should you wander into a landscape painting, you will
soon happen upon hidden dwellings and quiet signs of
life; and while tracing byways that lead in and out of
the painting, you might find yourself naturally
scaling waterfalls, cloud lifts, and cliff hangs. Do you wish to stay?

Is your mind still enough, no, noble enough, no,
Trusting enough, to know, communion?

Are you trapped in black fog (by questioning each
minute of every day), or have you lived in the golden spaces of eternal time?