"Can a Kickstarter initiate a new religious paradigm, supplanting and superseding old theistic ideas and thereby ushering in a new era of human progress? Well, we're about to find out...."

The Pandeism Anthology Kickstarter is alive!!

Meaning that right about 10:00 AM today, my literary agent clicked the button to launch the Kickstarter for Pandeism: An Anthology, the first book in a hundred years to squarely and centrally address the theological proposition of Pandeism (even to the point of including opposing views asserting, no, no, Pandeism is wrong because Atheism, or Christianity, or Islamic Mysticism).

I've never done anything quite like this before, and have no idea what to expect. But my heart is hopeful, and I hope yours is hopeful for me as well. Blessings!!

Hi e2. It’s been a while. I missed you, in the distant way that an analytic personality misses an absent friend. I’ve lurked a bit, logged in from time to time, but I could never put together any words that I thought were worth sharing. Once we lost my friend dannye, I didn’t have a correspondent to keep me up to date on doings on the site, and I drifted away.

Late in 2015, my erstwhile employer told me I would be terminated. My services would no longer be required. I got two week’s working notice and a generous severance package, so I can’t complain about my treatment. I went on holiday, saw The Force Awakens on the first day, and enjoyed the festive holiday season. Now it’s job search time! But until I succeed, I have time to write, too!

It has been almost 20 years it’s been since I last looked for work. I’m taking time to review my options and to choose a new path. It turns out that there’s a lot for me to learn about looking for work, and it seems that for once e2 isn’t already full of clever write-ups that say what I want to say, only better. So as I work through the process, I’ll node a bit about what I discover.

New stress popped up.

I swore to myself I would take time off the next time horror appeared. But how? Sigh. I'd better do it or else I will just get sick again and take involuntary time off.

I asked for an extra massage appointment and it was yesterday evening.

I kept dropping out during the massage. It's more interactive muscle tensing and relaxing than a passive massage, so he can tell when I drop out.

It is a hypnogogic state, from what I've read. I am not asleep. I am entirely disconnected from my body and I see things. Visions, pictures, I don't know what to call them. The first one that I remember yesterday was the Food Coop, I saw brightly colored blocks that I knew were chocolate covered with wax: yellow, green, red. There used to be a company called back packer's chocolate. My daughter loved it: wonderful chocolate with a wax cover to protect it. They are no longer in business. There is another chocolate at the coop, my daughter has said, but it's in a cooler and not covered with wax.

Another vision was of a sky in pastels with animals and birds and trees still black, silhouetted. Gorgeous. Like a watercolor of one of those magical skies.

One time I dropped out for so long that when I was back, my massage person had moved my arm significantly. I had a long moment of disorientation: my arm is not where I left it. Where is it? Did the arm move or the body?

There were so many drop outs and visions that I couldn't absorb them all. It feels like I am connected to the universe. Also during it, there is no I. I see things, but I have no body and no desires. I realized too, that I don't see anything bad ever. Or else in that state there is no good or bad. I am just there watching with no judgement.

It is so peaceful. And beautiful. And all connected.

I wished, selfishly, that I could stay there.

But.... I think that is where we will go. And everyone.

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