Lucha Libre is WWF, Mexican style. It basically consists of a bunch of stout guys who sit around and slap each other nowadays, but at one point in time, it was the most exciting form of entertainment known to this man. It had these same stout men, but instead of copying the WWF and simply standing around acting dazed and bashing each other with things, they would perform leaps from the top ropes. I have seen men jump off the top rope backwards, do 2 somersaults, a twist, then land on top of the opponent who was on the outside of the ring. This high flying action was typical of the lucha libre of days gone by. Lucha Libre used to always have tag team matches of masked men. The mask is a symbol of status in Lucha Libre, and to be demasked is the greatest insult. Lucha Libre not only utilized stout men, but also giants and midgets. Lots and lots of midgets. Midgets were often favored even over giants. Midgets were everywhere. I once saw a tag team from Mexico called the Chivas, or goats, named after the Mexican soccer team. They had a midget partner named Chivita (little goat) who had two small horns, which he used when he climbed up to the top rope, then jumped off and landed headfirst onto the opponent. Lucha Libre can still be seen on galavision on Saturdays, but it is really not as intersting as it used to be.