Traning pants are heavy cotton underwear for children to wear while they potty train.

They have thick cotton padding in the areas where pee may occur so that if there is an accident, most gets absorbed by the garment instead of the floor.

Though many of the diaper companies such as Pampers and Huggies have introduced disposable training pants or "Pullups" to the market, many parents and teachers agree that the traditional cotton works better. Disposables draw moisture away from children's skin like a diaper, often the child has no idea they have had an accident. Cotton pants get wet and uncomfortable so there is negative reinforcement and the child learns to use the potty (or at least take off the pants before peeing in the corner).

It is a myth that training pants are worn during any sort of training for technical certifications such as Oracle and Microsoft. Dockers are not training pants.

They are also not good enough for ballet lessons.