Evilrooster and Sunpig are proud to announce the birth of their first child, the Easter Bunny *

The egg was hatched at 10:11 at Simpson's Memorial Maternity Pavilion, Edinburgh, Scotland. The child weighed 3.84 kg (8lb 8oz), which is quite large for a baby rabbit. (Imagine how surprised the rooster was!)

Mother (chicken), father (pig), and child (rabbit) are all doing fine, if a little tired. For those who are interested, photographs are available at http://www.sunpig.com/alex

Noded by the pig on behalf of the rooster, who is currently not able to log on with her own claws and beak. She'll be back soon, though.

* Yes, we know that stories of the Easter Bunny abound even before this date, but that's due to a freak accident with a time machine and a Cadbury's Creme Egg in 2016. It's a long story, and sunpig is too tired to explain it all right now.