The first entry from Elf Sternberg's The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik, et. al., and Related Tales

date: April 24, 1983 (000/0000)

description: after-the-fact transcription of Ken's last night on Earth before work began on the creation of Pendor et al.

major characters: Kennet R'yal Shardik, Kris Long Anders
minor characters: David Majors, Fawn

content: explicit heterosexual intimacy and intercourse


Editor's note: This is the first recorded Journal Entry, and it has no official date, as Pendor did not exist when it was transcribed. The language of the document is entirely Terran: American Anglic. The Terran date of this document is April 24, 1983 Anno Domini.

David Majors
Editor and Chief Translator,
The Journal Entries of Ken Shardik Project
043 / 0686

While this may seem a bit confusing, its true. At the time the story occurred the universes of Terra and Pendor were entirely separate. Terra was exactly where it had always been, but in Ken's timeline Pendor hadn't even been created. The "light" Ken refers in the last paragraph is the light of Pin being created and ignited, the first thing that would happen when assembling the Pin System.

Miscellaneous references: '84 Pontiac, Voll, Trans-Am-shaped starship