A football (ie soccer)-inspired board game; you need:

  • a pitch (stylised playing field, on a board of 23-by-21 squares)
  • a counter, representing the ball
  • a "kicking dice", sides labelled "8", "2", "5", "6", "4", "LP"
  • a "direction dice", sides labelled "left/right", "back+left/forward+right", "FOUL", "forward+left/backward+right", "forward/back", "TACKLE"

Playing instructions:

  • The player in control of the ball rolls the kicking dice until "LP" (for Lose Posession) appears. For every number that appears, this is the distance [in board squares] the player must move the ball. A roll of the direction dice will give direction options for this movement (or tackle/foul).
  • For every "FOUL" or "TACKLE" rolled on the direction dice (and Lose Posession), control is transferred to the opposition (in the cases where a penalty kick would not result).
  • Free kicks and throw-ins do not require a roll of the direction dice (the choice of direction is arbitrary).