" He spanked me for about ten minutes, I think. I read the letter only about five times, partly because it rapidly became too wet to be legible. When he stopped he said, "Now straighten up and go type it again."

Secretary- first a short story, written in 2000 by Mary Gaitskill, then a film, made in 2002 and directed by Steven Shainberg. It starred James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Tag line from DVD box-Assume the position

It is an odd story of love and office politics. An introvert comes to work for a demanding attorney. She is a poor secretary, but the lawyer becomes attracted to her despite his frustration with her work. BDSM plays a large role in the story, but it also has a love story with a bit of a twist, similar to Oleanna, the David Mamet play.

update-December '02: Gyllenhaal was nominated for a Golden Globe award- musical or comedy actress, for this performance.

bad behavior-book of short stories-Mary Gaitskill