He left the sink full of dirty dishes. Again. And he forgot to put the dog out so it's doing that goofy rub against the door thing and she's going to have to walk the beast before she can go to work. He also promised he would take back the videos on his way to school. They are sitting in a neat stack next to the leftopen box of Golden Grahams. Men. What are ya gonna do?

She was in the process of making a mental list of all of the others things he had forgotten to do. That's when she noticed it. Taped to the refrigerator door was a small unaddressed envelope. Inside were two tickets to the symphony for Saturday night and a scribbled note.

-see you tonight, love you

It shouldn't be enough. But it is.

She puts on a coat and runs to the door to save hyperpup. The dishes can wait. They always do.