hello. i. am. robowan. the. robot. dog

Sanrio's robotic dog, introduced in late 2000 and featured mostly on school supplies. Robowan's body is white, his ears and eyes are black, and his nose is green. He sports a yellow collar and blue screws attach his legs to his body. He usually appears on a split background, the top half being light blue and the bottom dark blue.

Robowan appears with a series of staccato phrases, which vary according to his pose.
Excited: hello. i. am. robowan. the. robot. dog
On hind legs: power. up.
With a tear from one eye: please. take. me. with. you.
Reclining: sorry. low. batteries.
Indicating green dot on belly: this. is. my. power. switch.
Sleeping: sleep. mode. please. wait.
Knocked out: system. error. reboot.