There are seven inverted steel roller coasters with this name, all in North America. The six in the United States are manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, the last is in Mexico and is a Vekoma ride.

Two of the B&M coasters are identical, one at Six Flags Great Adventure and the other at Six Flags St. Louis. The former opened in late March of 1993, and the latter in late April of 1995. Each of these is 2,693 feet long and 105 feet high, they feature five inversions and take two minutes to complete the ride. They can pull up to four Gs, and with two eight-car trains each holding 32 people they have an estimated capacity of 1,280 riders per hour. The Great Adventure ride is entirely black except for the top rails of the main track, which are yellow, as are the restraints. On the St. Louis ride, all of the steel is black and only the OTSRs are yellow.

Four other B&M coasters are also identical. One opened at Six Flags Great America in 1992, another at Six Flags Magic Mountain in 1994, a third at Six Flags Over Georgia in 1997 and the last at Six Flags Over Texas in 1999. All are 2,700 feet long and 100 feet high, with five inversions, including a heartline flip. These also have two eight-car 32-rider trains, and they reach up to 50mph and take two minutes to ride. These also pull four Gs and have an hourly capacity of 1,400 riders. The Magic Mountain and Georgia rides have black track and supports with yellow OTSRs, and at Great America even the restraints are black.

The last "Batman the Ride" is at Six Flags Mexico and opened in April of 2000. A cookie-cutter Suspended Looping Coaster built by Vekoma, it is 2,172 feet long and 102 feet high with five inversions. The single train can go up to 55mph. The main track is yellow, and the supports are either purple or black.