Movie starring Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Thomas Jane, Selma Blair, and Jason Bateman
Directed by Roger Kumble
Produced by Cathy Konrad
Written by Nancy Pimenthal
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
MPAA Rating: R, for strong sexual content and language.

This certainly doesn't rank as one of the world's greatest movies, but it does provide entertainment to a certain extent. In a romantic/comedic adventure, party girl Christina Walters (Diaz) meets the man of her dreams one night, only to find he has disappeared the next day. She and her girlfriend Courtney (Applegate) go chasing on a wild roadtrip to track him down, suffering various misadventures along the way, and eventually coming to the realization that love is "sweetest thing".

They mean it about the rating, by the way. My father overheard parts of it while I was watching, and later decreed that "That was porn." It's not, really, but it certainly is risque. ;-)

If you're really bored, or don't mind a lowbrow chick flick, then enjoy. Otherwise, I'd advise you to seek your entertainment from an alternate source.

Source:Yahoo! Movies